Mossman House

Mossman House in Hawke's Bay

Mossman House

The owners returned from overseas to settle back in Hawke's Bay.  Having already acquired a block of land they then set about planning their dream home.

In our capacity as personal friends of the family, we held many discussions and took many trips around various towns discussing the types and styles of homes that appealed.  The Mossman's finally sought out Graham Lane Architect to commission the drawing of their home.  This process took twelve months and Greg was involved in various aspects of the planning as required.

Greg was inspired by the home's design and immediately became excited by the challenge of constructing this house.  Consequently O'Leary Homes was given approval to take the final plans through the consent stage and onto construction.

This house, a 570 sm solid plaster architectural masterpiece offered many challenges throughout its 14 month evolution, with high winds, high level detailing and the large scale of works being just a few.

This was a difficult home to construct, due to scale and design, and the nature of materials used.  Greg therefore invested approximately 400 hours of planning and research before any construction commenced.  Many of the finishing details needed to be taken into account right from the time of laying footings.  It was not until Greg had 'built' this house in his mind, from the ground up - until he could mentally walk through the home knowing every part of its construction and finishing that physical building could commence.

Greg encouraged all his sub-trades right from the outset and brought them on board early in the planning stage in order to help overcome any initial concerns they may have held about the scale and practicalities of the project.  He worked with them all individually to manage their particular field and find solutions to non-traditional construction details.  

Ultimately, with the Mossman's, ourselves and all the sub-trades enthusiasm for the project, parties took ownership of their particular field of expertise, ensuring a smoothly run project - overseen and expertly managed by ourselves.

The result is truly outstanding.


Case Studies:


"I remember when Graham Lane first asked me to draw a sketch of what I thought our new home would look like. I drew a box with square windows and pointy roof. Eight weeks later we had an eclectic mix of form and function. A plan of a home that gave us sun in the morning, a warm place to read a book, a nook out of the wind. A home designed for living and enjoying our kids and our friends."

Phil and Rachael Mossman

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