O'Leary House

Solid Construction Style in Hawke's Bay

O'Leary Homes Ltd

O'Leary Homes Ltd purchased land to build a home that would introduce solid construction styles and materials to the market.

We set about planning this home in conjunction with Graham Lane Architect.  We wanted to use quality, robust materials and explore the balance of space within a home. 

In this instance we decided on a mixture of the traditional timber-framed, cedar clad weatherboards over a plywood and cavity batten system, in conjunction with concrete tilt-slab, insulated and lined on the interior.  This design allowed for a variety of benefits: the magnificent heating and cooling thermal properties of the concrete; strong, robust and maintenance-free; offered a choice of internal lining possibilities; long life-span; quick construction and finishing; timeless design; cost-effective.

Actual construction-time of this home was on target, however the overall completion date was delayed due to delays with bad weather and other projects taking a priority over ourselves.  Again this was a house that required many hours of pre-planning and review because of its design and the nature of materials used.  Once again, all sub-trades came on board early to help provide solutions to construction issues and advice on products and materials. 

The outcome being another smooth running construction and planning process, actually putting us in the client's seat also.

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